Marianne DiBlassi, Coach & Consultant

  Living with a disability is navigating uncharted territory every single day. There is no map because each person, and their disability, is unique.”

— Marianne DiBlasi

A coach is a candid, skillful, and objective partner focused on you and your development. With this partner, you are invited to deepen your own awareness and develop new skills. The outcomes can create dramatic shifts in view, and possibilities you’d never before seen or considered.

As a coaching professional, I offer my  knowledge and practical guidance as someone who understands first hand how to live a fully engaged life as a person with a disability.

The Disability Visibility team of coaches provide coaching to the following individuals who are seeking a more enriching and meaningful life:

  • Adults Living with a Disability Whether Visible or Hidden
  • Adults Whose Lives have Changed Due to Illness or Injury from Disease, Accident, War, or Aging

We support the full integration of people with disabilities into all aspects of their personal and work life.

Together, we can create a path for individuals with disabilities to achieve:
  • Greater clarity about if, when, and how to self-disclose about your disability.
  • Expand your ability to make clear, direct requests for support and accommodations.
  • Learn to problem solve and make decisions with less stress and more confidence
  • Become more resilient, adaptive and creative.
  • Develop skills as an open and direct communicator.
Coaching individuals whose lives are touched by disability is only half the story. To create an environment where the individual with a disability can flourish, there is a need for the people they interact with on a daily basis to also develop greater understanding and communication skills. We support the full integration of people with disabilities into all aspects of their work life.
No one wants to make a mistake and say or do the wrong thing
Together, we can help Managers and Co-workers support the full integration of employees with disabilities:
  • Disability Etiquette to Learn How to Engage with individuals who Have Various Types of Disabilities.
  • Guidelines for Interviewing a Job Candidate with a Disability.
  • When and How to Initiate a Conversation about Reasonable Accommodation.
  • How to Respond When an Employee Discloses Their Disability.
  • Department and Team Integration Tips.
  • How to Engage in a Job Performance Conversation When a Person’s Disability may be a Contributing Factor.
  • Develop skills as an open and direct communicator.
We tailor our coaching style to each client, to support and encourage you in ways that meet your needs.
Through our coaching sessions you will:
  • Receive clear, honest and direct feedback.
  • Invited to become curious about yourself and your situation in a non-judgmental way that allows for shifts in perspective and new possibilities to emerge.
  • Taken through a process that creates more authentic freedom and fulfillment.
  • Discover a way to feel truly empowered to make choices, engage in conversations, and take action with greater confidence.

We are keenly interested in learning all about who you are.  Let’s explore your challenges and aspirations. Together we can create a plan to support you where you are… and where you want to go.


Disability Visibility is a preferred partner of Work Without Limits, a statewide network of employers and business partners that are committed to increasing employment for individuals with disabilities and building diversity competence.   

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