I hold a space for people to be real, open and direct. From there, we can create environments with greater understanding, integration and collaboration.” — Marianne DiBlasi

Marianne DiBlassiMarianne’s Life Experience

I was born with a physical disability called Spina Bifida—which is essentially a partial paralysis from the waist down.

I grew up in a time before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and many social services existed. I attended public schools, worked in the corporate world and have lived immersed in the able-bodied world, working hard to fit in and be “normal” like everyone else.

It was in my adult years that I moved from a fierce determination to overcome my disability to actually accepting my disability and embracing it as part of myself. I continue to learn and grow in my understanding of both the gifts and the challenges my disability presents.

Marianne’s Professional Background

My corporate experience extends over 22 years, including human resources administration, personnel recruiting and 13 yrs at Hewlett Packard in sales & marketing. During this time, I acquired extensive experience working collaboratively on teams.  I hold a BA degree from Suffolk University and am a Certified Integral Coach® from New Ventures West.

Highly sought after as a coach, consultant and public speaker, Marianne helps people learn real and tangible things that they can put to use right away. She has a plain-speaking and practical manner, and she makes a genuine connection with people.  Marianne is the editor of Disability Issues, a quarterly newsletter devoted to providing education and resources to individuals and families living with disability, and their advocates.

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