Leveraging the Contributions of a Fully Engaged Diverse Workforce 

Disability Visibility consultants help organizations maximize their growth and gain competitive advantage by optimizing the talents that disabled and multicultural professionals can bring to your business with their deeply honed skills of creativity, adaptability and resilience.

We work with clients to cultivate skills and practices that support seamless integration of employees with disabilities and other types of diversity for greater organizational and individual success.

With more than 20 years of corporate business experience and a lifetime of experience living with a disability, Spina Bifida, I speak the language and know the culture of both worlds. Disability Visibility creates bridges between between companies and employees with diverse backgrounds to increase employee satisfaction, creative productivity, and achievement of business goals.

Ways we can work with you…

Speaking on a wide range of disability related topics.

Consulting & Training tailored to meet your organizations specific business agenda goals and leverage the contributions of a fully engaged diverse workforce.

3D: Disability and Diversity Dialogues and original interactive exercises that cultivate communication skills in support of disability and diversity integration.

Coaching to support disabled and multicultural professionals, their managers, and co-workers.

Disability Visibility is a preferred partner of Work Without Limits, a statewide network of employers and business partners that are committed to increasing employment for individuals with disabilities and building diversity competence.